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B737-400 Full Flight Simulator

General Information:

Simulator manufacturer: CAE Electronics Ltd. Canada
Computer: IBM 580
Motion / Control Loading: 750 Hydrostatic– 6 DOF / Digital
Certification level: JAR-STD 1A level D

Visual System:

Visual manufacturer: Evans and Sutherland England
Type: SPX-500HT
Channels: 3
Field of view: 150 x 40 degrees

A/C Information:

Engines: CFM56-3B1, CFM56-3B2
Autopilot: Honeywell
FMS: Hardware, Smith FMS, running U10.8a
EGPWS: Hardware, Honeywell 965-0976-003
TCAS II: Software, 6.04
Symbol Generator: Hardware

Boeing data:

Engines: D6-37461 Rev. M
Autopilot/FCC: D6-37704 Rev. G
Flight/Aero data B737-400: D6-38231 Rev. E
Flight/Aero data B737-300: D6-37908 Rev. E

Instructor Facilities:

  • Side Facing Instructor Station
  • Store/Recall
  • Video Debrief System
  • Smoke Generator (optional)
Date in service: November 1990
Installation dimensions: Width 12,53m, length 12,89m and height 10,36m