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Jet Orientation Course

Jet Orientation Course (JOC)
Most new pilots find it very challenging to make the transition from a single piston aircraft to a twin-engine jet airliner. In order to make this transition easier, students can choose to follow a Jet Orientation Course (JOC). This course provides new pilots basis knowledge of jet aircraft handling in a real cockpit environment. The Jet Orientation Course is therefore a perfect preparation for airline screenings.

Multi Crew Cooperation Course (MCC)
Students who haven’t finished their flight education just yet, might want to consider combining a Jet Orientation Course with the Multi Crew Cooperation Course (MCC).

For operators
The Jet Orientation course is an ideal screening tool for operators as well. We can arrange a custom training programme to meet your company’s requirements and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). For type rating candidates who pass your screening, it’s also a perfect introduction for the Type Rating training they’re about to start.