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AIS Flight Academy

AIS Flight Academy is a flight school offering integrated education for becoming a commercial aviator. Both theory and practical sessions are taught in The Netherlands under the direction of the facility.

Excellent education
One of the goals of AIS Flight Academy is to provide an education of excellent quality to train commercial pilots. It goes without saying that one needs to embody certain qualities; they must have the right motivation and demonstrate ambition in order to be admitted to AIS Flight Academy.

Guarantee Fund
After gaining admission to the Academy, the candidate is able to use guaranteed funds from the Flight Academy. With this funding available, finances don’t have to stand in the way of one’s ambition to become an aviator.

Certified aircrafts
AIS Flight Academy is more than just a flight school. We support the Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy, and several other major airlines with crew trainings. Our education is performed exclusively on Dutch registered and certified aircrafts. The Dutch registration guarantees a high quality of maintenance of the aircraft. For maintenance AIS Flight Academy has its own technical department providing maximum and flexible fleet usage.

Flight experience
After graduating from the Academy, we offer job opportunities as a first officer on a large turbo propeller aircraft at AIS Airlines. AIS Airlines offers you the opportunity to build up flight experience on the Jetstream 32. This 19 seater is ideal to gain experience on large and regional airports throughout Europe. This will significantly increase your chances on the job market.